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Iván Menacho Sampalo


I'm Iván and I'm from Jerez in the South of Spain. After completing my degree in tourism I went into the airline industry and was cabin crew for 15 years. This was a fantastic time for me and I visited so many interesting countries. I have lived in Madrid, Malaga and most recently the incredible city of Barcelona.

I've been living in the UK for 3 years and now I'm living in Moortown, North Leeds, with my husband. I'd love to work with you to improve your Spanish skills.

I'm offering fun, relaxed and effective Spanish conversation classes in and around the Leeds area. If you're a complete beginner or simply want to improve your confidence for travel, business or for fun I can help.


Learning a new language takes time and can be very challenging for some learners. I'll support you all the way but your learning progress will be greatly improved if you study hard and practise in between lessons.

You can choose private lessons where we can work at your own pace or sign up to my Spanish courses where you'll learn as part of a small group.

Whatever your needs, please get in touch and lets chat.


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