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Intermediate course

10 weeks, 2 hours per week, 20 hours in total

Price £180.00 per personC

Click here for more information about dates and times

If you've studied the basics and already have a good conversational level of Spanish but want to improve and take things up a level then this course is for you.


Some topics covered will include:

- What's wrong? Sickness, parts of the body

- Food, Shopping and restaurants

- Celebrations

- Travel

- How was your weekend?

And we'll start exploring some of the following grammar:

  • Tener que

  • Hay que

  • Muy - mucho

  • Frases exclamativas (que!)

  • Algo - Nada

  • Preterito perfecto

  • Comparativos 

  • Puedo + infinitivo

  • Querer + infinitivo

  • Ser para /Ser de

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